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Get back to a healthier lifestyle with our uniquely crafted whole body approach to European Wellness.

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ElectroSculpt-Infrared Sculpting, Toning & Weight-Loss Technology

Electrosculpt is the only technology in the world to combine EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) with Infrared Light Therapy. Two techniques that together produce extraordinary results.Unlike other body sculpting competitors, it’s PAIN-FREE and there is zero downtime.
Be first to receive the $50 special when our centers reopen.
Infrared penetrates deep into skin tissue to increase blood circulation, revitalizing cellular and metabolic activity.
Select your target area and let Electrosculpt do the rest! Target stubborn fat or weak muscles on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms or legs. During each phase, from warm up to cool down, the frequencies, pulse widths, contractions and recovery times are set to ensure optimal results!

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