Frequently Asked Questions

The number of treatments will vary depending on your needs. We will need to do a full body assessment with the smart station to design a customized program for you. Each program is different, and tailor made for you according to your needs and main expectations.

When you come the first time to benefit from your "new client special offers", you may feel the effects of the first treatment, as your muscles are contracting in a similar way to intensive exercise. Infrared is known to relieve muscle pain and loosen stiff joints. However, to see results our clients generally start to see a change in their body after about 1/3 of the way through their personalized program.

300 lbs. is the weight limit.

No. All treatments are non-invasive. We are FDA cleared, very safe, clean, and sanitized (CDC requirements)

Reduce swelling, inflammation, fatigue, weight loss, skin resurfacing, toning.  Boost metabolism.  Improve immune system. Tightening and toning muscles. Increase elasticity of skin. Helps improve stress and sleep.

When your program is finished, we will do a new check with our Station 2.0 Analyzer so that you can clearly see the results. If you wish, we can then offer you a maintenance program.