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European beauty, wellness & weight-loss technology.

ElectroSculpt Pain-Free Body Sculpting
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Electrosculpt is the first and ONLY non-invasive body sculpting technology to simultaneously burn fat, build muscle and renew skin in one treatment.

Unlike other body sculpting competitors, it's PAIN-FREE and there is zero downtime.

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Body Sculpting

Infrared penetrates deep into skin tissue to increase blood circulation, revitalizing cellular and metabolic activity.

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses impulses to stimulate muscle tissue, inducing powerful muscle contractions that are superior to regular exercise.

Select your target area and let Electrosculpt do the rest! Target stubborn fat or weak muscles on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms or legs. During each phase, from warm up to cool down, the frequencies, pulse widths, contractions and recovery times are set to ensure optimal results!

Foggiare has been named the Best Wellness Center for the past two years in Tampa Bay Magazine. And now we're coming to Boca Raton to open our second U.S. location! We offer an exclusive, 4-part European system that takes a whole-body approach to body-sculpting, weight management, combatting the signs of aging, athletic recovery and improving overall wellness. Our technology is hugely popular in 180 locations worldwide. Let us show you why!

Highly personalized programs solve each client’s specific weight, skin, aging or wellness issues
Quickly improve wellness and beauty from the inside out
Electrosculpt gives you a “workout without the work.” Forget sit-ups, squats or lifting weights. Lay down and let ElectroSculpt get to work building muscle.


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