The SLIM UP® System works to build muscle tone, target stubborn fat and helps slim up the body. Available exclusively at Foggiare, this technology is the basis for our custom programs, including Beautify, Age-Defy, Be-Well and Be-Active. 

Beautify delivers smoother, more radiant and healthier-looking skin, and helps achieve a slim and sculpted body with non-invasive, non-surgical treatments that are safe for any skin type, including loose or damaged skin. If you are bothered by uneven skin texture, stretch marks or cellulite–or can’t get rid of stubborn fat despite diet and exercise–this program has the solution.

Age-Defy helps restore a youthful glow and combats the signs of aging with treatments that beautify the skin and body while promoting wellness. As the body slows collagen and elastin production, skin sags, wrinkles and becomes more fragile. This program stimulates skin cell function to help smooth and tone the skin and restore a healthy, young-skin glow. Also as we age, our bodies begin to suffer from weakened muscles, joint pain, weight gain and swelling. Foggiare’s wellness program includes treatments to increase muscle strength, relieve pain and swelling, and help keep our bodies slim and fit. 

Be-Well is a whole-body strategy designed to promote optimum wellness. Combining the best methods of cellular and muscle stimulation, detoxification, and fluid mobilization, our customized wellness treatments invigorate clients and invoke an overall sense of vitality. At any age, our physical wellness is best achieved through an active lifestyle, eating healthy and nutritious food, getting enough sleep and eliminating stress. These programs support your wellness with treatments that boost circulation, build muscle strength, relieve body pain, help reduce swelling and improve cardiovascular health. 

Be-Active is designed for anyone seeking to increase muscle strength, recover post-workout, or even train for competition. From novice to professional athletes, or those who are just active and want to give their body the attention it deserves after the stress of a workout, our this program won’t let injuries, post exercise soreness, chronic pain or tension slow you down.

What is the Slim Up System ? 

This system encourages a boost in metabolism, and, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can get you to your weight loss goals. Excess weight can be caused by many factors–our genes, diet, lifestyle, medical conditions and more–and many people struggle to successfully reduce their weight. This advanced whole-body system helps clients through the process, supporting diet and exercise efforts with proven system.  


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Our exclusive Electrosculpt technology combines infrared light therapy and muscle stimulation to comfortably deliver energy below the skin’s surface while improving muscle tone. The warming infrared light penetrates deep into the skin tissue and works to stimulate skin cell functions, revitalize skin tissue, and help smooth the look of cellulite. FDA CLEARED. 


Infrared steam submersion provides the warming thermal effect of infrared in a relaxing aromatherapy steam bath. This therapeutic treatment transforms skin on the face and body. As pores are opened and nourished with essential oils, the skin tissue undergoes deep cleansing as it is purified and re-oxygenated with increased vascularization.


Full-body presso-therapy encourages the mobilization of fluids which works to restore skin health and promote a sense of lightness. When the lymphatic system is clogged with metabolic waste, consequences include fluid retention, cellulite, varicose veins and other skin blemishes. By stimulating the system to mobilize these fluids, you’ll quickly see and feel the results.

Achieve the look you desire with a combination of advanced treatments for the skin and body.


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Electrosculpt treatments combine infrared light therapy and muscle stimulation to comfortably deliver energy below the skin’s surface while improving muscle tone. Muscle stimulation delivers a work-out to your muscles to increase their strength and encourage a boost in metabolism, helping to combat weight gain. And the warming infrared light penetrates deep into the skin tissue, working to stimulate skin cell function for smoother, younger-looking skin. FDA CLEARED.
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The most relaxing way to improve skin texture and tone, our infrared steam submersion is a therapeutic treatment with multiple benefits. The warming thermal effect of infrared penetrates deep into the skin tissue working with steam to transform skin on the face and body. Pores are opened, nourished with essential oils, and deep-cleansed while the skin tissue is purified and re-oxygenated with increased vascularization.
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Presso-therapy is known to mobilize fluids and stimulate local blood flow. As we age, our lymphatic system gets backed up and metabolic waste is stored in our tissues. Helping to get these fluids out of your system has numerous beauty and wellness benefits. Full-body treatments help to reduce swelling or edema, soothe neuromuscular tension, and promote an overall sense of wellness.

Our age-defying programs give your body a younger look and restore an overall sense of wellness and vitality.


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Infrared light therapy penetrates the skin tissue, warming the body deep within, relaxing and de-stressing your body while working to increase circulation, encourage excess fluid mobilization, relieve pain, and purify skin. Combined with muscle stimulation, Foggiare’s exclusive Electrosculpt technology also stimulates muscles to increase their strength which supports the body to sustain energy, burn more calories and operate at its most efficient. FDA CLEARED.
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Heat therapy loosens muscles, relaxes the body and speeds the process of eliminating metabolic waste through sweating. Our infrared steam submersion treatment delivers this heat through red light and steam helping to increase blood flow and circulation, improve cardiovascular health and relieve muscle pain. Steam has also been shown to reduce blood pressure and cortisol, clear congestion, improve the immune system and burn calories.

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Our wellness depends on the lymphatic system. As we age, metabolic wastes accumulates in our tissues resulting in swelling, inflammation, fatigue, weight gain, constipation, congestion and skin issues. Foggiare’s whole-body drainage treatments compress the skin and tissues to encourage fluid mobilization, quickly relieving swelling and improving circulation. By supporting the lymphatic system to function at its best, you’ll quickly improve your overall wellness.

Get your body functioning at its best with treatments that enhance fluids mobilization and stimulate cellular function. 


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Our exclusive Electrosculpt technology works to increase muscle strength, improve physical endurance, loosens stiff joints and relieves muscle pain post-workout, and is also widely used by top athletes to maintain peak physical condition. Combining muscle stimulation and infrared light therapy, this treatment effectively works the muscles while delivering deep muscle recovery, allowing you to recover faster and train harder. FDA CLEARED.
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Infrared light combined with steam submersion instantly delivers relief to sore muscles and loosens stiff joints, making it an extremely relaxing and beneficial treatment post work-out. Infrared penetrates the skin and is combined with the heat of the steam bath to increase blood flow and stimulate cellular function. Relax in Foggiare’s intensive steam session to reduce pain from sore muscles or injuries and help your muscles recover.
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After a workout, lymph vessels can become overwhelmed by the demand placed on them. Fluids and waste products pool in our skin, muscles and soft tissues which causes swelling and fatigue. Foggiare’s full-body drainage treatments encourage the mobilization of these fluids which can drastically reduce recovery time and swelling and allow the tissue fresh nourishment for regeneration.

Sports preparation and recovery treatments deliver full-body therapy for active bodies.